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Teacher Gets 40-Years For Running Baby Fight Club


I do believe the punishment fit the crime.

Maybe hoping to build a school of soldiers — Sarah Jordan is set to a lot of time — after she was found guilty of 13 charges of child abuse for running a modern-day baby fight club.

Jordan allegedly encouraged toddlers she cared for — to punch each other and sprayed them with water — leaving them “traumatized” over an eight month period.

During the three-day trial in Prince William County, Virginia, the court heard from 10 parents, some in tears, about seeing dramatic changes in their children after they were cared for by Jordan.

One after the other, they testified about troubling behaviour that emerged when their toddlers were moved into her class – nicknamed ‘The Monkey Room’.

Jordan was heard to regularly trip children, step on their toes, encourage them to fight each other and spray them in the face with a hose on full blast.

Parents said their children became aggressive at home, stomped on their toes and became afraid of water. Some refused to get into a bath and most cried when they were dropped off at day care.

Adam Smith told the court his daughter “completely stopped talking” once she was in Jordan’s care.

The allegations came to light after a worried co-worker called child protective services.

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