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Jeezy on #BlackLivesMatter, Hillary Clinton & More (Video)

Jeezy has become the voice of the hip-hop community — and with that comes a variety of platforms that allow star rapper to speak and address his views on everything from politics, to police brutality.

Following yesterday’s groundbreaking protest at the Mall of America, the Atlanta rapper was a guest on CNN, addressing several topics.

“I think that if it only took 20 people to get the attention of CNN and the rest of the world, I think they’re on to a great start,” he said. “I support the black lives matter movement. I think the mall could’ve handled it a lot differently because now you got this and it’s going to continue to grow as it should because now we got to raise awareness, and it’s the holidays and they’re still pushing this movement. You have to respect that.”

His gave his view on the gun control controversy as well.

“The reality of it is there’s so many things going on in the world, in the streets right now,” he said. “It’s pretty much a war zone out there because you have people that can’t really survive… they don’t have jobs or these different opportunities so they resort to what they know and that is either taking something or committing a crime to get it or even murdering someone and it’s a reality that we face and we’ve been facing even before I was born.”

Jeezy also said that hip hop music aids in spreading the message of Black Lives Matter and other movements.

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