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7 Lehigh FB Players Charged With Breaking Into Wrong House, Assaulting Teens


Seven members of the Lehigh University football team have been charged with some of the dumbest crimes imaginable — and too make matters worse, they broke into the wrong house.

According to The Brown And White, police on Wednesday charged six members of Lehigh’s football team with felony criminal trespass, saying they broke into an off-campus home in retribution for an alleged attack on a fraternity president.

According to reports, the victims Samuel Hernandez, ’17, and Collin Davis, ’17, called police making them aware of the break-in, as well as the assault, stating that a group of people had kicked in their door and left several holes in their walls. Hernandez later told police he believed the members of the group belonged to the university football team.

Upon entering the home and putting several holes in the wall a man, later identified in a photo line-up by Hernandez as Githens, punched Hernandez in the face when he was sleeping.

After the assault on Hernandez, the men proceeded to kick Davis’s door in as well.

Hernandez was taken to St. Luke’s hospital where he was treated for a concussion and “a busted lip” according to reports.

After the initial identification of Githens, he was called into the Lehigh University Police Department where he was read his Miranda rights and gave the police a statement.

According to reports, Githens told police he entered the home seeking retribution for an assault on his fraternity president which took place on Nov. 5. Githens is a member of Chi Psi fraternity.

Githens admitted to knocking four holes in the walls and also admitted that he had “likely” gone to the wrong house and gone after the wrong people. He also told police he had reached out to Hernandez over the phone, and when he wasn’t able to reach him he sent him an apology text, according to police reports.

At least one player also urinated in the victims’ refridgerator, according to court records.

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