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all-male Fox News panel debates whether women should wear yoga pants

I’m not sure what this has to do with the upcoming Presidential election, but the guys at Fox News somehow found a reason to debate women wearing Yoga pants.

On Monday morning Fox News guests Andrew Sansone, Arthur Aidala, and Willie Robertson judged three women who appeared on Fox & Friends dressed in leggings or yoga pants.

The segment, framed as focusing on a father’s perspective of the topic, went about as horribly as one might expect. Host Steve Doocy’s leadoff question really set the tone: “Willie, are you comfortable with the women in your life parading around in leggings?” When a third model walked out wearing leggings and a tank top, Aidala told Doocy that they had “all taken our nitroglycerin pills before we came to the set.” So fragile is the constitution of a Fox News man: the site of a woman in athletic attire can cause him to suffer heart attacks.

Willie Robertson couldn’t contain himself.

“Obviously, her physique—God bless you, you’ve earned that,” Aidala continued. Robertson, a star of Duck Dynasty who might be the least fashionable person on the face of the planet, noted that while he wears “camouflage tights,” he believes the model needs “a little more coverage.”

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