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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!
Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Amber Rose “How To Be A Bad B*tch” Presale Book is Available

Amber Rose is giving her fans a presale option to purchase her book “How To Be A Bad Bitch” in advance.

Amber explains in her IG post that her book is not an instruction book on how to be another Amber Rose, but to empower women and give them her definition of what A Bad Bitch should entail in today’s world.

amber rose

Pre Sale for #HowTobeABadBitch is now available on S&S Book Page, Amazon, Kindle, B&N, BAM, IndieBound and Google Play Being a Bad Bitch is not being a “Bitch” at all I’m taking back that word and using it to empower instead of using it as a negative connotation. A Bad bitch is sweet, confident, well rounded has her finances straight, knows what she wants and goes for it. Everyone that meets her loves her. This book is not me telling u how to be ME Lol it’s all of the mistakes I’ve made in my life and everything I did wrong so u don’t have to. I’m giving u the knowledge before u make those same mistakes. I’m giving u all the secrets about Love, Sex, Social Media and how to get everything u want out of life. Don’t forget Ladies I’m just a regular girl from Philly with a cool haircut I used my personality and wits to get where I am. Others will say different but they don’t know my path… Read my book and see where it all began. 

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