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The Rihanna and Beyonce Beef: “Fiesty Island Gal vs Houston Diva”

Beyonce and RihannaHere’s the Tea: Rihanna and Beyonce relationship has always been filtered with rumors of the two being possible frenemies. Fiesty Island Gal vs Houston Diva!

Rumors of Rihanna spending too much alone time with Jay Z floated, and  then the rumor that Beyonce and Rihanna didn’t get along, because of competitive artist reasons. Now another rumor is surfacing about the TIDAL launch.

None of the rumors in the past were ever substantiated, but the rumors still continue. Where there’s smoke there’s must be fire, or not.

What do you think? Read below

[Vh1] Beyonce and Rihanna were among those present at Jay Z‘s star-studded TIDAL launch on Monday. The two stood as far away from one another as possible on the stage, posing for an obligatory press photo that’s about as uncomfortable as farting during a sex scene. What’s going on with them? The Gossip Table has the dish.

Bey and RiRi couldn’t have been farther apart from one another on the stage of the TIDAL conference.

We know Bey and RiRi have a history of subtle shade-throwing, but the TIDAL conference was all about standing strong and united, with emphasis on the very thing all of the artists present had dedicated their lives to: music. What gives, ladies? Continue Reading

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