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Mom Charged with Murder for Freezing Kids for 2 years! (Video)

4/10/2015 UPDATE: A Detroit Mother who killed then froze kids in freezer was kicked out of court room after belligerent outburst!

 Fox 2 News Headlines

Detroit Mother is now facing murder charges for the murder of her two children.

Mitchelle Blair charges have been amended from Child Abuse to Murder after killing her two children and then placing them in the freezer for 2 years. This is a shocking story, but I report on similar stories like this two or three times a week and for me that’s shocking! My question is, “Where are the mother’s who apparently ‘SNAP’ family members, significant other’s, or friends?” Don’t they see the serious concerns evolving around these women before the tragedy occurs? I just don’t understand.  Read below

Mitchelle Blair Mother of 9yr old and 13yr old put in freezer for two years


[My Fox Detroit] The mom accused of killing her two children and putting them in a freezer in a Detroit townhome will not be charged with murder.

The charges are being amended from child abuse to murder for Mitchelle Blair. The 35-year-old Detroit mom reportedly admitted to killing her then 9-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter and then putting both of their bodies in an upright freezer in the family’s east Detroit townhome.

Neighbors living near and walking by apartment 804 inside Detroit’s Martin Luther King apartment complex on St. Aubin, can’t help but shudder. Sadness still remains for the two children gone and left behind. On Wednesday, the same day Blair’s charges were amended to murder and torture, grief counselors were nearby ready to give neighbors some help.

Blair was arrested March 24th and was originally charged with child abuse. She will be formally arraigned Thursday morning.

mom killed kids

A bailiff was at the home to evict Blair. She was not home at the time and the bailiff went inside to start the eviction. That’s when he made the startling discovery. The two children were found inside the freezer. Stoni Blair, who would be 15, and Stephen Blair, who would be 11.

The memorial outside was taken down Tuesday and Blair’s eviction was complete. A memorial service is set for Friday to remember the two young children taken apparently by their own mother.

Still the questions remain not only why but what could have been done differently. Denise Stoudamire with Detroit Police Victim Assistance says that is perfectly natural.

“What is it that I could have done? is it something that I should have seen? A lot of times when we lose people, we go through that stage where we have the what if’s: I could have, I should have, if only I would have,” Stoudamire said.

They think of the family of these two children but also of her two children still alive and they have a reminder: the neighbors are still there for them.

Blair has been charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of premeditated murder, two counts of torture, four counts of child abuse, and one count of committing child abuse in the presence of another child.

[My Fox Detroit]

Nieghborhood Memorial for Dead Children Found in Freezer

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