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Anti-Islamic Ad Campaign on Philly Buses Not April Fools Day Joke (Video)

Controversial Anti-Islamic Ads Begin Running on SEPTA Buses on April Fools Day for a consecutive 30 days! I suppose Islamic people in Philadelphia should accept blatant racism, because the ads are currently circulating. Unbelievable!

Controversial Ads To Begin Running On SEPTA Buses On Wednesday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Controversial anti-Muslim ads will begin running on the sides of some SEPTA buses Wednesday.

By the weekend, over 80 buses are expected to feature these ads. They will be mounted on the sides of the buses, despite protests from SEPTA and the local clergy.

SEPTA says the AFDI bought the ad space for $30,000.

The ad features a photo of a 1941 meeting between Adolf Hitler and a Palestinian Arab activist who backed the Nazi regime. SEPTA tried to stop the ads, but a federal judge ruled the ads can resume.

SEPTA is urging anyone who may find the ads to be offensive to avoid defacing them, saying this is simply just the law. [CBS]

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