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Smoke and Drive in a Car with a Child and you will Face a Fine

Why not have a law that will make you pay a fine if  you smoke with children in the car?

Second hand smoke cause’s harmful effect’s to body as if you’re smoking the actual cancer stick, so you might as well blow it right in the child’s face.

I’ve had my own personal battles with smoking, so I understand how hard it is to quit smoking. Smoking is a nasty habit and can hold you under its spell for decades before you’re strong enough to say no more.

With that said, drivers should consider children don’t have the power too outright say, Excuse me adult can you please stop smoking. Read Below:


Drivers who smoke with children in the car may face fines if they are pulled over in Tempe.

The city is considering adopting a law that would fine a person for smoking while having a child in the vehicle. However, officers wouldn’t be able to pull a car over strictly for smoking. The fine would be in addition to another offense such as speeding or running a red light.

Seven other states, including California, Utah and Oregon, have similar laws that prohibit against smoking with kids in the car, but Tempe would be the first city in the Valley to enact it.

Penalties for breaking the law have not yet been determined.

via AZ central


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