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Robin Williams Estate Battle: “Seriously!”

Why is it when someone passes away whether rich or poor in life the family’s seems to revert back to childish tactic’s. “Give me! It’s Mine!” The personal estate or belonging’s are claimed or stolen right from under each member’s nose and the fight ensue’s. Family members often resort to violence, character assassination, sabotage, or tantrums to claim the piece of  pie they inherently deserve. Maybe this is why some individuals who pass away leave everything to charity, because the audacity of people fighting over something they didn’t earn, but fill entitled too is outrageous. Family member’s should feel grateful for whatever monies role their way because its free, instead of being greedy or feeling entitled.

Robin Williams, Susan SchneiderSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Attorneys for Robin Williams’ wife and children are headed to court in their battle over the late comedian’s estate.

The attorneys are scheduled to appear before a San Francisco probate judge on Monday, as they argue over who should get clothes and other personal items the actor kept at one his Northern California homes.

In papers filed in December, Williams’ wife, Susan, says some of the late actor’s personal items were taken without her permission.

She has asked the court to exclude the contents of the San Francisco Bay Area home she shared with Williams from the jewelry, memorabilia and other items Williams said the children should have.

Williams’ children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody, said in response that Susan Williams is “adding insult to a terrible injury” by trying to change the trust agreement and rob them of the late actor’s belongings.

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