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What has Nicole Richie been doing lately?

Nicole Richie, the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie and incredibly funny reality TV star, writer and talented fashion designer. The 33-year-old, whose style is the envy of fashion icon Kate Moss, was in town to judge the Fashions on the Field at Sydney’s Golden Slipper over the weekend.

Questions were vetoed both ahead of time and just prior to the interview – drugs, rehab, her new sister-in-law Cameron Diaz and the reason why she’s famous, the reality series The Simple Life, which she starred in over a decade ago with her then best friend, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, were all strictly off limits.

As a fan of the cheeky and outspoken personality I was bemused; her web and TV series#CandidlyNicole is laugh-out-loud funny for her witty and honest observations about life, fame and family.

Richie is also an active participant in the Not There movement, a joint initiative by the Clinton and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations to highlight women’s inequality, questions about her involvement with that campaign and #AskHerMove were also forbidden. Meta huh?

“Adoption?” I asked.

“No,” one of her 10 minders replied.

“The penis jacket?”

“Absolutely not.”

Basically all that was left to talk about was horses.

So onwards we went, for four minutes and 45 seconds.

“Do you have a favourite for the Golden Slipper?” I asked.

“Do I have a favourite … ” she said, buying time better than Tony Abbott.

“Not yet I don’t,” she said after getting some kind of message from someone over my left shoulder.

But she did admit, without a hint of irony, that she was once offered her own talk show.

“Telepictures [the Emmy award winning production company of #CandidlyNicole] and I had come together and they talked to me about doing a daytime talk show, and I didn’t feel at the time, that I was ready for that but I like the idea of exploring and l like the idea of learning and talking to people about topics,” she said.

It would be easy to blame the publicists, the workhorses of projects like this who are just trying to do their job and keep their client and the tetchy media happy. But responsibility for this circus, which was like an episode of The West Wing, just with better shoes, lies with Richie and her famous counterparts.

Via the Sydney Morning Herald

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