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Darren Sharper’s Global Plea Deal Means He’ll Spend Significant Time In Prison


Darren Sharper is pleading guilty to all of his rape cases in the four states he has been charged in. According to Nevada prosecutors because of this, all of his sentences will be run concurrently. By pleading guilty, Sharper who was looking life in prison if convicted in any of his cases, will likely get out of prison in less than 15 years, depending on which state gives him the longest sentence.

Only prosecutors in Nevada provided details of their part of the deal with Sharper. He is expected to plead guilty there Tuesday to one felony charge of attempted sexual assault, with the expectation that he’ll face between 38 months and eight years in prison, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told The Associated Press. He had previously been charged in the state with two counts of felony sexual assault, each carrying a possible 10 years to life.

“We are pleased that Mr. Sharper is accepting responsibility for the crimes he committed in Nevada,” Wolfson said.

Wolfson said the Nevada prison term would run concurrent with other sentences in other jurisdictions.

Assuming that the other states will have similar agreements, it was the best deal that Sharper could make under the circumstances. It is also likely as part of these agreements if Sharper can implicated others he will have to do so.

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