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2 Stocks Grow in the Market from $10K to $1M in Six Years

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Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Investors are wondering if the bull market will last until its seventh birthday. But some investors don’t have to wait around – they already scored their million.

There are two stocks in the Standard & Poor’s Super Composite index, Sleep Number bed maker Select Comfort and automobile part supplier Dana , that have gained enough during the bull market to turn a $10,000 investment in March 2009 into one worth a million now.

Turning $10,000 into $1 million in six years is no small feat. It requires a total gain of 9,900%, a gain so large only 0.1% of stocks among the 1,500 in the S&P Super Composite to do it.

Don’t kick yourself if you didn’t spot these top stocks. Few other investors did either. There’s no question the top two best stocks in the bull market have been astounding winners. The other top ten best stocks since March 2009 are no slouches, either, and share several characteristics.

But by studying these stocks, and other mega winners during the bull, investors can spot some interesting trends that might help serve them later:

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