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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Lil Mo Goes on a Lengthy Rant Against her Haters (PICS)


Lil Mo goes off on a rant on her Instagram last night calling her haters out, in a belligerent post with misspelled words and street slang you’ll have to decipher.

As I tried reading the post, I thought wow people can push your buttons pretty easily. Lil Mo the comments are just words until you give them power, and there are easier way’s to deal with unwanted comments. Why not just try and ignore those followers on Instagram. 

I’m chalking this crazy outburst up to her pregnancy hormone’s since Lil Mo is expecting a baby. 



#repost from @ev0lver81! i literally see people poppin shit and for the fuxx they claim NOT to give, whenever a post is made in my honor, same lookin ass broads be postin. u know u love me and superwoman come on 15 years later STOP tryna be tough heaux that shit still bangs. you still MOVE and i still get paid for it. that’s how good GOD is. a song changed my family’s LIFE. and continues to empower. ayeeee and now that the secret is out, I’m really NOT mingling with nothing ass people. i really LOVE to have fun. LAUGH. cut up. and be HUMAN. but since erbody RICH and got a mean shoe game and take filtered “toot my ass OUT” selfies for LIKES, always on a “vacay but NO receipts or exclusive access to the events they purport to attend on social media, I’ll be a great WIFE and MOMMY before i let another person that has “booking info” but not ONE booking, come on my page or posts in regards to my “fertile myrtle” ass down. beleedat. back to ackin HOLLYWOOD. i trieeeed to be normal and it made my edges fall out a lor bit

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