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“Friday” Celebrates 20 Years with Return to Theaters on 4/20


Ice Cube’s “Friday” is coming back out 20 years after its world-wide release.

New Line Cinema is apparently aware of the movies value and their customer’s loyalty, as they have struck a deal with movie theaters to show the beloved stoner comedy on 4/20 across the country.

“For the theaters, for New Line [Cinema], for the fans to want to pay homage to the movie in this way is cool,” Ice Cube, the film’s star and co-writer, told Buzzfeed News. “It lets you know how much people appreciate it and how much fun it is. . . and it lets you know that Friday is now a part of the American fabric.”

The one-night-only event will feature a special director’s cut of Friday, along with “Friday Straight Up,” a 24-minute featurette including behind-the-scenes set footage and cast interviews. Ticket sales and theater information are currently available via Fathom Events.

That’s fantastic news for everyone. If you have seen it, its one of the most re-watchable movies of all time, and now’s your chance to experience it in a theater if you missed it the first time. If you haven’t seen it at all, well it’s about time you wake up and have a laugh.

Tickets are available here. And if that isn’t enough 90’s nostalgia for you, they’re also re-releasing the movie’s soundtrack on vinyl.

On April 14th, in connection with the screening, the film’s double-platinum soundtrack will be reissued on vinyl. The LP, which topped the U.S. charts for two weeks in 1995, includes a mixture of vintage R&B and Nineties hip-hop (like “Keep Their Heads Ringin’,” Ice Cube’s collaborative hit with Dr. Dre).

“I remember picking these songs and thinking, ‘No one’s used ‘Mary Jane’ by Rick James in a movie? This is going to be perfect,” the actor-rapper told Buzzfeed. “You usually don’t get the Isley Brothers and a fresh Dr. Dre song. It was a really special labor of love.”

Now I don’t know which I’m more excited for..

But don’t go expecting a reboot of the franchise just yet. Though this may seem like perfect timing for it, Ice Cube said last year,

“The next Friday movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema,” he wrote. “Pray that we get it outta there.”

The production company doesn’t seem to be pressing for it. So while not out of the question, it’s just highly unlikely, and Lord knows Cube isn’t getting any younger.

Who knows, though, if the money’s right it can get anyone to sign on the dotted line.


H/T Rolling Stone

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