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Man in Georgia uses GPS to Stalk Woman

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AJC Reported:

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A Marietta man is facing felony eavesdropping charges after police say he stalked an acquaintance by placing GPS trackers on her car.

Sang Hoon Yim, 43, was indicted this week by a Fulton County grand jury.

“The victim, she’d been training for a triathlon for the past year,” said Sandy Springs Sgt. Ron Momon. “Last couple of months she’d been training with a male and a female.”

Momon told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik the victim began to notice Yim showing up out of the blue at various locations.

“Obviously this guy is just showing up, there’s suspicion he may have been tracking her,” said Momon.

When the woman checked under her vehicle, Momon said she found two different magnetic trackers affixed to the body of the car.

“Did a little bit of research through our detectives and found out this was purchased by the individual, the perpetrator,” said Momon.

The co-owner of a Marietta company that installs tracking devices in high-end cars told Petchenik the technology is great, but it can be dangerous.

“They can track the vehicle online and find out where the cars are,” Jim Florek, of Monster Customs of Marietta, said of his customers. “If they’re ever stolen or anything happens to them, they can basically go online, look on a GPS map and actually find their vehicle.”

Florek said what police say happened in Sandy Springs is scary.

“It’s kind of crazy,” he said. “It’s a great resource to have to protect the vehicle, but then again people are at stake as far as being tracked with these devices and it is a dangerous situation.”

Petchenik tried to reach Yim, who is out of jail on bond, at his home and by phone. He received an emailed statement from Yim’s defense attorney, Ben Goldberg:

“All I can say at this point is that we are still in the investigative phase of this matter,” he wrote. “We will let this play out in the proper forum, the courtroom.”

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