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An Even Better Version of the Addictive Spread

Nut butters are the perfect condiments to keep in a drawer, since they don’t have to be refrigerated, you don’t need to eat much to fill up and they’re just as tasty with apple slices or rice cakes as they are straight-up by the spoonful. Rebecca Leffler, a former French expat and author of the new book Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic, puts a nutritious, no-sugar-added spin on chocolate-hazelnut spread, mixing hazelnut butter (homemade or store-bought) with cacao powder and vanilla extract.

The Handful of Sweet, Spiced Goodness
We know that nuts are an ideal between-meal food, packed with protein as well as healthy monosaturated fat and fiber, but it’s easy to overdo it (a serving size is a modest 1 ounce). If you roast your own, though, you can season to the hilt, so it only takes a small amount to make you feel satisfied. This easy recipe for curry and lime cashews from chef Marco Canora’s A Good Food Day takes about five minutes to prepare and bursts with Southeast Asian flavor.

A Breakfast Food with a Snacky Twist
It can be tricky (or downright messy) to eat granola without a spoon; all those healthful bits of oats, nuts and seeds tend to fall everywhere. The trick is to make granola clusters, which you can easily pick up and munch on without leaving a pile of crumbs on your keyboard. This customizable recipe explains how; the secret is egg whites, which help bind the ingredients together.

A Way to Take Your Vegetables To-Go
Homemade veggie chips—whether potato, kale or even Brussels sprouts—have a lot going for them. They tend to be crispier, less fatty and cheaper than the packaged kind. Plus, making them is easy; just be sure to limit the add-ins to dry spices or seeds, since liquids, such as vinegar or citrus juice, will prevent the vegetables from getting crispy. And to keep them crunchy for days, make sure the veg is totally dry before you bake it.
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