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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Flights Starting as Low as $10 a Ticket Between Europe and US

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I love hearing that Ryanair airline price’s will start as low as $10 a ticket, especially if my flight is safe and courteous. Once flights begin I plan to take a nice trip to Europe and give them a spin.  

Huffington Post Reported:

Ryanair, the Irish airliner famous for its ridiculously cheap ticket prices and lack of luggage space, announced Monday that the company’s board has approved transatlantic flights.

The airline “would like to offer low cost flights between 12-14 European cities and 12-14 US cities. The business plan is there but it’s dependent on attaining viable long haul aircraft and we estimate that’s 4 to 5 years away,” a Ryanair spokesperson told HuffPost via email. Ryanair confirmed that the flights to and from Europe would start at $10.

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, has said for years that the airline would offer cheap transatlantic flights as soon as they acquired long-haul aircrafts. Ryanair confirmed via email that they are currently “talking to manufacturers” but provided no further details.

Once the equipment is finally in place and flights begin, customers should expect to pay all sorts of additional fees on their $10 ticket. As O’Leary has previously stated, passengers will be charged extra for luggage, meals and sitting in business or first class.


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