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Don’t Make me Turn this Airplane Around Mister! Airline Dealing with Mental Health (Video)

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As a passenger on a airplane you already have some jitters about your flight, so when an incident happens so serious that the pilot has to turn around the plane for safety reasons, its frightening! The man in the video is obviously having a mental health break down and is yelling, “I’m Sorry” not sure how the rumor started from a passenger that the man was yelling, “Jihad!” 

This story reminded me of one of my favorite movies “Anger Management” starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. In “Anger Management” Adam Sandler was set up by his wife and Jack Nicholson, who played a psychiatrist with unethical methods of curing anger management. The epicenter scene was when Adam Sandler boards a flight calmly, and boy did his flight go wrong real quick! Adam Sandler ends up tasered and accused of having an aggressive tone and assaulting a flight attendant, which lands him in court with a mandatory requirement to attend Anger Management classes or go directly too jail!

The man in the Denver flight video below probably wasn’t set up by his family and a psychiatrist, but he was sent straight to the hospital for an evaluation for being non-compliant!

Via Washington Post:

A United Arlines jetliner returned to Dulles International Airport on Monday night after takeoff when a passenger failed to comply with crew instructions, the airline said.

Local law enforcement officers met the plane at the gate at Dulles and detained the passenger, the airline said.

No passengers were injured and no weapons were found, said a spokeswoman for Dulles.

The airplane, Flight 1074, was carrying 33 passengers to Denver from Dulles. It was a twin-jet Boeing 737 with a crew of six.

The aircraft returned to Dulles soon after “because of a disturbance” on board, said Kimberly Gibbs, the spokeswoman for the airport.

She said the passenger who was removed was “transported to a local hospital for evaluation.”

The flight was scheduled to depart at 10:15 p.m., suggesting that it was not in the air long before it turned back.

One of the most common instructions given on takeoff is for all passengers to be seated with safety belts buckled. An announcement saying that passengers are free to move about the cabin generally somes after cruising altitude is reached.

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