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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Customers Stand in Line Outside Government Shop Running Low on Marijuana!

Its true! A government owned shop called Cannabis Corner was in a frenzy, because they were running low on their 12 strains of marijuana and treats. When I saw government in the article I had to scratch my head, because that just doesn’t seem possible. Well it is true. Check out the Washington Post article below.

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Washington Post Reports:

NORTH BONNEVILLE, Wash. — Deep in the Columbia River Gorge, a short drive from the Bridge of the Gods, the nation’s only government-run marijuana shop was running low on weed.

The store had been open for just a few days. Inside, manager Robyn Legun was frantically trying to restock. Outside, five customers stood waiting for the doors to open. Someone cracked a joke about this being a typical government operation, always running late.

But, of course, it’s not. This government store, bearing the cozy name Cannabis Corner, sells dozens of strains of marijuana and in several different forms, from pungent buds to infused cookies and coffee. It sells glass bongs and rolling papers. And it does it all at the direction of the North Bonneville Public Development Authority, making the local government uniquely dependent on this once-illicit drug.

“If I don’t get this order in this morning, we’re going to be out for the weekend,” said Legun, 36, fretting over her inventory list.

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  1. Invisible Mikey Reply

    Since this appears to be the ONLY government owned mj store, and there are many non-government owned ones with inventory, I’m not even sure why this is a story.

    Washington has been slower to license stores, and more stringent in regulation of growers and processors, plus more thorough about quality assurance product testing than Colorado. That has contributed to temporary supply shortages, but stores appear to adapt quickly. They shorten their hours or days of operation, or reduce the number of strains and products they sell.

    I don’t use marijuana myself, but it’s easy to see more of both the recreational stores and the medical coops opening as time goes on. It’s still a new experiment, and we all expected hiccups. Like the majority of WA voters, I also support regulating and taxing marijuana as a legal product like alcohol, and moving away from the failed, expensive “war on drugs”.

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