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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Chairman of the Environment Diminishing Climate Change: “Disturbing” (Video)


President Barack Obama sat down with VICE News and discussed world environmental issues, criticism, foreign policy, and marijuana legalization.

Vice News asked, “Are you a Masochist?” President Barack Obama chuckles and responds, “Let me tell you, This is a fun job. Everyday I wake up and I get a bird eye view on what’s going on everywhere in the world. I can have as much of an impact on the things that are important to people as anybody on the planet.”

President Barack Obama has fought an up hill battle for cooperation since his inauguration, but Obama says, his goal is to leave the country in a better position then when he entered the White House. This may prove to be a insurmountable feat in the amount of time the President has left in office, but it doesn’t sound like he’s willing too back down from the challenge.

President Barack Obama, “The day to day criticism, the chatter, and the noise is something you end up blocking out.”

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington



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