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400 year old Remain’s Found in Madrid of Writer Miguel De Cervantes! (PICS)

What a major discovery for the team of 30 researchers who used top notch technology to locate the alleged remains of Miguel De Cervantes. This all began in January when archaeologist found a coffin lid with the initials MC engraved behind a wall. The adult bones were reportedly found in a area that a group of Cervantes people were buried, before their bodies were moved into crypts.

Closer examination will occur so they can positively identify the deteriorated bones. If researchers are correct, the crypt and the remains will go on display publicly next year in centuries coinciding with Miguel De Cervantes 400th death anniversary.


BBC News Reports:

Forensic scientists say they have found the tomb of Spain’s much-loved giant of literature, Miguel de Cervantes, nearly 400 years after his death.

They believe they have found the bones of Cervantes, his wife and others recorded as buried with him in Madrid’s Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians.

Separating and identifying his badly damaged bones from the other fragments will be difficult, researchers say.

The Don Quixote author was buried in 1616 and the church was later rebuilt.

His remains were moved into the new building in the late 17th Century and the remains of the man known as Spain’s “Prince of Letters” were lost for centuries.

“His end was that of a poor man. A war veteran with his battle wounds,” said Pedro Corral, head of art, sport and tourism at Madrid city council.

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