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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Teen Girl and 5 year old Brother Brutally Attacked in Indianapolis Park! (Shocking Video)

Although, this horrible fight was a black on white assault I don’t believe it was racially motivated. I think these kids had some stupid disagreement teenagers have and resolved it with violence. Every child involved with inciting this fight need’s to be signed up for a “Beyond Scared Straight Program,” or a good old fashion a** whooping! Hopefully, the victim’s parent’s went directly to the police station and pressed charges against this young girl for assaulting their children. 

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Police were dispatched, Saturday, to a location at East 19th Street on a delayed battery report. After arriving, an officer spoke to a girl who says she does not know the suspect’s name, but does know that she is in the eighth grade. Police checked Brookside Park for the suspect, but was not able to find her.

In the video, a girl wearing black is pulled to the ground by a girl in white. The girl in white repeatedly kicks, punches and even smashes the other girl’s head with her foot. Seconds later, the video shows the child being attacked as well. Reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition could only watch the video once.

“It looks like the way it started out that she was going there with the purpose of fighting and brought the crowd with her,” Harrison said.

Reverend Harrison says fight videos are important to the young people involved.

“This is glamorized, this is glorified, this brings them “street cred”, this brings them notoriety, ya know? She’s tough, she’s going to beat somebody up,” Harrison added.

Saturday night, thousands of people collected in downtown and fights broke out in the streets near Circle Centre Mall. Who could forget the fight that broke out back at Castleton Square Mall in January. Reverend Harrison says it’s the times we live in.

“This is a time where we have to begin to really say, as a society, do we have to change the culture out there, the mindset, where violence is the way that people handle their conflicts with each other,” Harrison said.

Police say they have been able to identify the victims and suspects, but are not releasing names because they are underage.


Update: Teenage girl attacker in video arrested for unrelated charges. Wow not surprised!

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