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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Suspect in Ferguson Police Shooting’s Behind Bars! (Mug Shot) Press Conference Video


Suspect Jeffrey Williams was arrested for Police Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. The two police officers were shot and physically injured during a protest in Ferguson. Fellow protesters that evening would not claim Jeffrey Williams as being a part of their protest. Police stated the suspect allegedly was firing the gun at another individual in the crowd, and accidentally injured the officers. I don’t advocate violence of Citizens toward Police officers or Police officers toward Citizens, but we need to recognize this is a serious problem, and has a long history all over the United States.

Today the Community members don’t know the Police Officers who are assigned to protect them, and the Police Officer’s don’t know the community they are supposed to protect. No wonder there is a problem if the citizens and police officers in their neighborhood’s don’t build a relationship. How can trust be built? All Police aren’t bad cops who abuse their authority, but all Citizens in bad neighborhood’s are not criminals, and should not be profiled. In all the years that we have been a civilized nation, we still have not figured out how to resolve this issue.

Huffington Post has the Full Story and Full Police Complaint Filed


Read the Full Story Here

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