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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!
Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

You Can Have A Booty that Stops Traffic: Here’s How! (PICS)

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Former Miss USA, D level Actress, and Reality TV Star Kenya Moore is being as shallow as usual advertising the best asset she owns- her butt.

I may have overreached when stating her “best asset”, because Kenya still can’t conjure up a man or have one claim her publicly. Kenya’s disgruntle, manipulative, back-stabbing, neurotic and narcissistic attitude has landed her character in the mean girl, negative Nancy, bi-polar category.

Donald Trump was even amazed at the efforts she would resort too on Celebrity Apprentice! Kenya was repeatedly involved in drama, and 95% of the show Kenya was the catalyst who used lie’s, sabotage, tongue thrashing, and low blow comments with almost every woman on Celebrity Apprentice.

On Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya portrays herself as a victim of mean girl’s. Kenya take a look in the mirror, you are a Mean Girl and Dr. Phil has a name for people like you in his book “Life Code.” You my dear are a “BAITER” in my Dr. Phil voice.







I have not seen her Booty Boot Camp DVD on building a bootylicious backside, but she does have a great body for her age. In my opinion Kenya should spend more time working out her mind by making an appointment and becoming a regular patient with a psychiatrist. 

Kenaya Moore butt dvd2

Kenay Moore butt dvd

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