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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!
Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Kim Kardashian is as Cold as Ice (PICS)

KimK Ice Queen



When I glanced at this photo on my Instagram today the first thought that popped into my mind was, “Kim looks Frozen” I giggled to myself, because the second thought was, “I wonder if Ray J, Chris Humphries, and Reggie Bush will see this Instagram photo and say, “Ice Queen is a great look for you Kim.” Since the perception is Kim  dropped each of them for the next best thing, and she is also known for being called a “Man Eater.”  

Kim Kardashian relationship’s have been public news for quite sometime, and her third marriage with Kanye West has not been different. This time its Kim and Kanye being a constant spectacle in the media, but the marriage hasn’t dismantled under the pressure. They do have one thing in common. You can count on this couple for not being inconspicuous in public. Kimye the couple is more like, “Look At Me Everyone, Look at Me!” This could be the glue that holds them together forever.

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