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Orphans Would Be Better Off Dead in Rwanda Orphanage (PICS)

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BBC News Reports:

Close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Noel Orphanage still stands, until recently housing about 100 children and disabled adults.

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Some would be better off dead”

Noel Orphanage worker

Toddlers lie in rows of plastic cots; one blind infant rocks herself repeatedly, simulating the affection that a parent would normally give.

In the rooms, the floor is made of concrete. There are no toys. Outside resembles a stable, with mud everywhere.

One eight-year-old girl explains she has no mother. Her father is alive, but he is not ready to care for her.

In another room, a group of older children and young adults with mild-to-moderate disabilities sit. The stench from the room resembles a farm yard; the conditions are barely suitable for animals.

They have nothing to do, but sit in this room.

The manager of Noel refused to talk, but a worker who did not want to be identified said: “Some here are just waiting to die. In fact some would be better off dead”.

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