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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

4yr Old May Have The Next Child Viral Video on Ellen: She Held Her Own with this Bully! (Video)

This 4 yearr old is on top of her game, when it comes to witty response’s in reaction to a bully. Check out this video “She held her own!”

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Via Mike Epps:

This four year old girl is no joke. When a bully in her pre-K class disturbs her with some harsh words she fires back with a quick witted and proper response.

Now there’s an ordinary way to deal with this problem, and more often than not it winds up with two children in time out. The little girl gives him a lesson in respect!

“You’re ugly” the bully said, as if looking pretty was on the list of my concerns as a four year old.“I didn’t come here to make a fashion statement,” she fired back. “I came here to learn, not look pretty.”

Well I guess he didn’t learn that this girl was no push over, because he still had more negative comments like “you look bad.”“Did you look in the mirror lately?” she responded, and then concluded there little talk with a sassy “Buh-bye!”

Now that’s the strong feminine side that deserves respect.



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