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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

I Get Paid To Beat Up N*ggers! Mississippi Sheriff Fired (Entire Audio)



 Mediaite reports:

A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy was fired late last week over an Xbox Live rant in which he dropped the n-word. An individual identifying himself as David explained that some random user “blurted some racial words” at him and he decided to invite this person in to chat with them, for fun.

A heated argument broke out between David and this other user, who claimed he was a cop. To prove this, he gave David his address, badge number and other information. At one point, he actually said, “You’re about to come to a fucking paid police officer’s house. I get paid to beat up n*ggers like you.”

Well, it turns out the individual saying these things was a Mississippi sheriff’s deputy. A spokesperson for the department said they confirmed Deputy Michael Slater was the one saying those things on the Xbox Live chat and they fired him.

You can listen to the audio of the Xbox Live chat below (warning: language):

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