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Entertainment & Lifestyle News!

Happily Married Women Have Sex Frequently (PICS)

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A Healthy Sex life is important for many reasons, because intimacy in a relationship reconnects you with your partner. Today we live in a high stress world. We need to release endorphin’s regularly so our bodies can alleviate some of the tensions in our lives. In turn you won’t snipe at your partner for leaving the cap off the toothpaste, or a sock on the floor instead you will continue floating. You will happily greet your co-workers and strangers with a smile, and giggle too yourself when you reminisce on your evening spent with your honey. I mean you should if it’s good sex. Don’t forget the spontaneity to keep the fire burning hot! Life is much easier to tackle when your not so tense and pent-up. Don’t you agree?

via Huffington Post:

There’s nothing less sexy than putting a number on how many times a month you and your partner should be having sex.

But in the Business Insider video above, psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman suggests that carving out time for sex may be the key difference between happily married couples and unhappily married ones.

While working on his “Creating Your Best Marriage” video series, Neuman and his team polled more than 400 women and found that unhappily married women had sex three to four times a month while happily married women had sex 11 times a month.

“Believe it or not, it was not about the satisfaction of the sex, it was about the frequency versus infrequency,” he says of his 2009 research in the clip above.

So what’s Neuman’s best advice for fostering the kind of intimacy that leads to a little action between the sheets? First, you need to emotionally connect with your spouse.

“Sexuality in marriage is connected to the emotional connectedness of the spouses but sometimes that time needs to be planned out,” Neuman told The Huffington Post. “Go out on a weekly date night and talk about anything except the three subjects you always discuss: money, work, and kids. Those conversations aren’t what made you fall in love with each other and they won’t sustain your love either.”

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