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Stephen A. Smith Implies Chip Kelly is a Racist Again


Stephen A. Smith implied yesterday that the Eagles roster moves are racially motivated without much to back it up besides some black guys were traded and cut (didn’t mention the black guys signed). He isn’t backing down from that claim.  Here is Stephen A. talking about Eagles after Frank Gore changed his mind about coming there via PFT.

It lends itself towards validating what I was trying to say yesterday,” Smith said. “And I know that made a few folks uncomfortable. So be it. I stand by what I said yesterday.

“And I pointed out how DeSean Jackson is gone, LeSean McCoy is gone, Jeremy Maclin is gone, but Riley Cooper is still here. I wonder why that is? That has obviously provoked some people to sit there and say I went on the air and called Chip Kelly racist. That is a lie, that is false, that is inaccurate. But it’s not surprising, because that’s what people want to do sometimes, just because they have a problem with you because I do have the ability to make some people uncomfortable, sometimes. I must acknowledge it actually makes me smile, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I know I’m going to make people uncomfortable sometimes, sitting in this chair. Such is life.”


Essentially what Smith is saying is he gets paid to get you worked up over nonsensical stuff because First Take is a WWE sports program.

Nothing more nothing less.

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