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OU SAE Housemom Caught Doing N*gger Chant After Condemning Frat


Lost in some of the commotion surrounding the OU chapter of SAE doing the nigger chant, was the fact that they definitely learned the chant from somewhere.

Something like a rite of passage.

Those guys — from different backgrounds and walks of life — learned the chant from someone. In the midst of former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Barry Switzer, coming to the chapters defense — he may have actually buried the SAE chapter forever.

Switzer told KOCO in Oklahoma City, that he’d never heard the chant before and wouldn’t tolerate it. Switzer also appeared in an interview with 79-year-old SAE house-mother Beauton Gilbow, a longtime friend of Switzer, on KWTV in Oklahoma City from inside the now-closed fraternity house.

Gilbow said she was “in shock” and also claims she never heard the chant before — condemning the use in such a manner.

When asked what the former members are saying to Gilbow, Switzer emotionally replied, “All I heard is how much they love you and how much they’ll miss you,”

KWTV says Switzer agrees with Boren’s action for the perpetrators, but he’s “sorry so many good kids have been hurt in this.” – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Well Mrs. Gilbow can claim all she wants that she was in shock — because a Vine of her using the same slur used in the original video has surfaced on shortly after the interview aired Monday night. [Warning: explicit language.]

Your move Coach Switzer.

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